Michael Fewer’s account of walking the coast of County Dublin from the border with county Meath in the north to the border with County Wicklow in the south. He found a coast rich in history, topographically diverse, with a mixture of urban and rural landscapes, and recounts meetings and conversations with local people, recording the constant visual surprises that enliven and shorten pedestrian journeys.


Day Tours From Dublin

Day Tours From Dublin is a series of magical mystery tours describing itineraries with something for everyone: while well-known sites are included, Michael also takes you to lots of little-known, out-of-the-way and often quirky places that new roads have brought nearer Dublin. No tour is complete without stops for refreshments; recommendations for places to eat and idyllic picnic spots are included.


Waterford Walks

Michael Fewer has selected a range of routes that draw deeply on the richness of the landscape and history of County Waterford, routes that take you through streets, over hills and along the river banks and sea coasts of one of Ireland’s most scenic counties. Walking with Michael Fewer not only brings you fresh air and exercise, but an exploration, a journey and a celebration of our landscape.


Walking Across Ireland: From Dublin Bay to Galway Bay


Walking 290 kilometres across Ireland at the beginning of the third millenium, Michael Fewer uncovers a hidden land: like a modern Praeger, he weaves between the natural world of plants and wildlife and the human one of grand buildings, little ruins, farms, pubs and cottages. Musings and information on history, architecture and folklore are laced with colourful local dialogue, the result of chance encounters. This is an eloquent elegy for a land undergoing great change.


The New Neighbourhood of Dublin


The New Neighbourhood of Dublin is a fascinating description of the buildings and places of the city and county of Dublin and how they have changed in fifty years, bringing together the previously unpublished Hone and Craig text with Michael Fewer’s parallel notes describing the subsequent changes.


A Walk in Ireland: An anthology of the pedestrian literature of Ireland 1783-1995


A Walk in Ireland is an engaging selection of accounts of pedestrian travel throughout Ireland during the past two hundred years. Through Michael Fewer’s selection of articles, excerpts, letters and journal entries we experience the beauty of high moors and mountains, see the conditions of the peasantry improve from poverty to wealth, mark the evolution of politics and society and, most of all, enjoy the pleasures of exploring Ireland on foot.


Gill & Macmillan 2006.

Illustrated with the author's drawings.

Ballylough Press 2005.

Illustrated with the author's drawings.

Collins Press 2005.

Illustrated with the author's drawings.

With Maurice Craig and Joseph Hone.

Farmar & Farmar 2002.

Atrium Press 2001.

Illustrated with photographs

by the author and others.

A map guide to the Beara

Way walking route.


The Beara Way

Illustrated with photographs

by the author and others.

A map guide to the Western Way walking route.


The Western Way

Illustrated with photographs

by the author and others.

A map guide to the Wicklow

Way walking route.


The Wicklow Way

Ordnance Survey Ireland 2000

Ordnance Survey Ireland 1999

Ordnance Survey Ireland 1998


By Swerve of Shore

Gill & Macmillan 1998.

Illustrated with the author's drawings.


This publication deals at once with a landscape, the intervention in that landscape by man, and the stories that intervention tells. The landscape is one of the last remaining extensive high moorlands in Ireland, and the intervention is a road built for military purposes, and closely linked to an important historical event. Michael Fewer examines the history of the road, and the topography of the areas which it passes, using it to access and explore its natural and local history.

Ashfield Press 2007.

Illustrated with the author's photographs.

The Wicklow Military Road: History and Topography