Books by Michael Fewer

Below is a list of Michael Fewer’s books, with descriptions of contents. Many of the earlier books are out-of-print, but if you would like one of these Michael may be able to help: contact him via the Contact Page.

Thomas Joseph Byrne: Nation Builder


Lavishly illustrated with contemporary photos, many not previously published.This is a biography of a true nation builder, an architect whose work, vision and quiet influence had far-reaching results in a broad range of aspects of Irish Life in the first half of the 20th century. During a busy career in South Dublin Rural District Council, the Local Government Board, the Local Government Department and the Office of Public Works, his achievements included close involvement in the improvement of standards and design of local authority housing, the reconstruction of important buildings after the War of Independence and the Civil War, and the ushering of Irish architecture into the age of aviation and radio communications.

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Michael Fewer’s Ireland: People, Places, Walking and Wildlife 

Michael Fewer has been exploring Ireland and writing about his travels for nearly a quarter of a century. In this book he eloquently describes some of his walking experiences, dealing with aspects of flora, fauna, history and people he has encountered, seamlessly weaving in commentary on subjects such as folklore, rural planning and Irish traditional music. Stories of his favourite places are related, and he tells of treks he has undertaken, both solitary and in the company of good friends, laced with the drama of frightening climbs and the joy and inspiration he derives from the natural world.



This breathtakingly exciting new children’s book, written by Michael Fewer and illustrated by Melissa Doran, introduces boys and girls to Ireland’s flora and fauna with every changing season. Discover the magic of nature right on your doorstep, from the back garden to the local park and the countryside. Even the smallest garden is a vast canvas of nature with its worms, insects, flowers and birds. Listen to the blackbird’s song, spot an madra rua in your local town, discover why the ash tree is good for making hurleys, count a snail’s 27,000 teeth, watch stags fight and spot jellyfish at the seaside, laughing as you discover the meaning of their Irish name, smugairle róin! With Naturama you will discover the magic of every Irish season.

So put your boots on – it’s time to go outside!

naturama doorways_small

The Doorways of Ireland

In this lavishly illustrated publication Michael Fewer explores the 183 kilometre-long River Suir from where it rises in the Devil’s Bit Mountains in Tipperary to where it enters the sea at Waterford Harbour. He describes a journey through space and time, peopled with Viking plunderers, Norman colonists, Gaelic lords as well as 19th century industrialists, 20th century bridge builders and modern farmers. The sheer abundance of extant evidence of the Suir’s former importance is remarkable: the river has an impressive density of prehistoric monuments, earthworks, castles, abbeys and ruined churches, all quietly co-existing today with the 21st century agricultural busyness of some of the finest farmland in Ireland.

Michael Fewer takes an imaginative look at how the idea of the entrance to a building has been dealt with by the builders, designers and craftsmen of Ireland from the earliest times to the present day. The doors he examines range from the humblest to the most impressive and from the architecturally significant to the whimsical, from the Seefin cairn at Kilbride, County Wicklow, dating from 3000 BC to the eighteenth century doors of Merrion Square, Dublin, and, coming right up-to-date, the doors of the National Gallery’s Millenium Wing and the Derry City Council offices.


With Melissa Doran.

(With John Byrne)

Gill Books 2016.

South Dublin Libraries 2013.

Ashfield Press, 2011.

Illustrated with the author’s photographs

Ashfield Press 2009.

Illustrated with the authors photographs.

Frances Lincoln 2008.

Illustrated with the author's photographs.

Hellfire Hill cover

Hellfire Hill: A Human and Natural History

A result of forty years exploring Hellfire Hill, the nearest hill to Dublin city, this book is a celebration of the enjoyment it has given Michael Fewer,  through its rich natural history, its long human history, and the glory of its fresh air and long picturesque views. Written to tempt others to come and walk  and revel in its green slopes, Michael describes the animals, birds, plants, trees and historical sites that can be seen on a stroll around the hill.

Illustrated mainly with the author’s photographs and drawings.

South Dublin Libraries, 2016.

Recently published...

Europe's Atlantic Fringe

Fringe Cover

Michael Fewer describes a journey along the fringe of Europe, 8 degrees west of Greenwich, from Lagos in southern Portugal to Horn Head in north-west Ireland. He tells the stories of the people and places of the Atlantic edge, the rich historic and prehistoric heritages that link them, their shared pasts, their similarities and their differences. The book is rich with his descriptions of flora and fauna, topography and architecture.

With Melissa Doran


Following the bestselling Naturama Michael Fewer and Melissa Doran return with an activity book that encourages young readers to discover the magic of nature right on their doorsteps.

New Cover

My Naturama Nature Journal

Rambling Down the Suir, The Past and Present of the Irish River